▪ Strategic Planning
▪ Brand Building and Reinvention
▪ New-Product Development
▪ Cross Functional Team Leadership
▪ Market Evaluation
▪ Sales Management
▪ P&L and Financial Leadership
▪ Landscape Analysis
▪ Portfolio Optimization
▪ Global Brand Leadership
▪ Board of Directors Relations
▪ Executive Mentoring


Shari Matras is a visionary and dynamic leader in the world of consumer products. With a wealth of experience as a Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Growth Officer, and Chief Executive Officer, Shari has continuously demonstrated her exceptional ability to drive growth, foster transformation, and ignite success through strategic planning, brand building, and innovation. Armed with classical brand management expertise, she has fearlessly taken on challenges, turning around heritage brands and propelling FMCG leaders, mid-sized, and small companies towards unprecedented growth. Her unwavering focus on defining a clear vision, strategy, and measurable metrics has consistently delivered exceptional results.

Throughout her illustrious career, Shari's prowess in building high-performing teams and forging powerful partnerships has been instrumental in driving growth across various channels, including Retail, B2B, and eCommerce. Her keen insights and data-driven approach have led to phenomenal achievements, with 457%+ eCommerce growth and 187%+ B2B business growth, setting new benchmarks in the industry. As the Global Quaker Oats Brand Owner at PepsiCo, Shari showcased her unmatched expertise in global brand leadership. She embarked on innovation platforms expected to generate $500M NR globally, demonstrating a deep understanding of global nutrition and consumers' healthy eating behaviors. Shari's passion for developing new brands from scratch resulted in groundbreaking successes such as Orbit Gum, Gevalia Kaffe, and Tropicana Juice with Probiotics, which have become trailblazers in their respective categories. Recently, as Chief Growth Officer at Jelmar, LLC, Shari's transformative leadership reversed a 10-year decline, achieving an astounding +20% growth. Her cross-functional oversight drove exponential growth in B2C/Retail, B2B, and eCommerce businesses, while preserving the company's culture and heritage. Shari's vision and strategic insights enabled the identification of core platforms for long-term growth, while the implementation of key infrastructure and processes solidified the brand's position in the market.

Beyond her stellar achievements in the corporate world, Shari Matras has also been a guiding light for aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs. With a natural flair for mentoring, she has nurtured talents, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience through her involvement as a mentor in various programs and organizations. As a mentor, Shari imparts invaluable wisdom, empowering individuals to reach new heights in their careers and ventures. Shari's career stands as a testament to the power of vision, determination, and innovation. Her journey inspires us to embrace challenges, lead with purpose, and always strive for excellence.

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