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In the dynamic landscape of executive leadership, Shahzad Gidwani stands out as a beacon of innovation and strategic acumen. Armed with an impressive array of credentials, including an MBA, CPM, and MLE, Shahzad has sculpted a remarkable career journey that seamlessly blends business development, marketing prowess, and a passion for global education. 

At The Behar Group Realty Inc. in Toronto, where he currently serves as an Independent Consultant for Business Development, Shahzad has emerged as a strategic visionary. His role encompasses a specialized focus on international and national business development, where his adept strategic consultancy has proven instrumental for clients seeking a global footprint. As the former Director of Marketing and Business Development for the same firm, he orchestrated impactful marketing initiatives, securing partnerships with renowned brands like Organic India, Massive Restaurants, and Korloff, Paris. In his role as a part-time Professor at Conestoga College in Brantford, Shahzad shares his extensive knowledge in Global Business Management, Capstone, and Global Markets & Strategies. His teaching methodology, emphasizing collaborative learning and experiential teaching, shapes the skill set of future business leaders. Adding a philanthropic touch, Shahzad volunteers as the Director of Marketing at Brilliant Minds Group in Toronto, contributing to the organization's mission of aiding newcomers and international students. His strategic marketing plans underscore his commitment to community outreach and social inclusion. During his tenure as the General Manager for the Trading Division of Premier Range of Luxury Goods in Kuwait, Shahzad's innovative marketing transformation strategy significantly boosted annual gross sales to $210M, achieving a remarkable 10% year-on-year growth. As the Chief Marketing Officer for CIMMO, Shahzad volunteers his expertise to revamp client retention, mentor marketing students, and lead the organization's international expansion, marked by the successful launch of the first-ever international office for the MENA region.  Awards such as being recognized as a "Power Couple" and one of "15 Inspiring Men" in Kuwait, along with professional affiliations as a CPM with CIMMO and an MLE℠ with Leaders Excellence in Harvard Square, attest to his transformative leadership.                                                               

Beyond his professional success, Shahzad's commitment to mentoring emerges as a constant theme. Whether guiding students at Conestoga College, supporting marketing students at CIMMO, or directing strategic initiatives at Brilliant Minds Group, he is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders. His belief in collaborative efforts, connections, and social inclusion defines him not just as a leader but as a mentor inspiring others to realize their full potential. In the narrative of Shahzad’s career, each chapter resonates with innovation, strategic brilliance, and a commitment to making a positive impact – not just in the corporate world but in the lives of those he touches through mentorship and community outreach.

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