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Sara Orellana, MS, MPH, is a dedicated and visionary nonprofit executive with a remarkable track record spanning over 15 years as a CEO and in leadership and management roles. With a passion for driving positive change and improving communities, Sara has consistently demonstrated her commitment to advancing the missions of various organizations and creating lasting impacts. Led by Sara's extensive experience in raising funds through successful grant proposals, 3Raptor Consulting specializes in helping organizations secure vital financial resources. Through meticulous research, compelling narrative construction, and an in-depth understanding of funders' priorities, the firm has consistently transformed client visions into fully-funded, impactful projects. 

Having successfully raised over $15 million through grants, Sara is a proven grant writer and fundraiser. Her ability to craft compelling grant proposals that align with funders' priorities and convey the profound impact of projects has resulted in substantial financial support for numerous initiatives. Her skill in building genuine relationships with donors has further amplified her ability to secure critical backing for important causes. Sara's expertise extends beyond fundraising; she excels in bringing together strategic partners to collaborate on initiatives that address pressing community needs. Her adeptness at forming coalitions has resulted in high-risk populations receiving essential services and support, showcasing her ability to bridge gaps and foster collective action. Throughout her career, Sara has exhibited exceptional leadership in managing large organizations across multiple locations. Her strategic acumen has led to the implementation of efficient operational strategies, often resulting in budget reductions while increasing program offerings with quantifiable outcomes. Sara's leadership style, characterized by servant leadership principles, has further propelled her organizations towards success. As an accomplished author and columnist, Sara's written communication skills shine through her thought-provoking contributions to various publications. Her ability to convey complex ideas with clarity and eloquence has made her a trusted voice on topics ranging from business and community to health and wellness.

Sara's mentoring prowess has been felt throughout her career, where she has demonstrated an uncanny ability to nurture emerging leaders. Her collaborative spirit, coupled with her extensive knowledge in nonprofit management, has guided individuals towards realizing their potential and making meaningful contributions to their respective fields. In every role she undertakes, Sara exemplifies a tenacious dedication to improving lives and uplifting communities. Her strategic acumen, coupled with her passion for servant leadership, makes her a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to create lasting positive change. With an unwavering commitment to making a difference, Sara continues to be an influential force in the nonprofit sector, leaving an enduring mark on the organizations and individuals she touches.

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