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In the dynamical world of international business, Richard Lawrence stands as a seasoned professional with a career spanning over three decades, characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a profound commitment to effective communication. As the Founder and Managing Director of PowerTalk Brazil, Richard has become a beacon of expertise, guiding top professionals to master the art of public speaking and presentation on the global stage. 

Since the establishment of PowerTalk Brazil in 2017, Richard has played a pivotal role in transforming the way professionals convey their messages. With an unwavering belief that communication is the cornerstone of reputation, he has dedicated his efforts to ensuring that individuals—from executives to diplomats—can articulate their ideas with confidence and impact. Before venturing into the realm of communication coaching, Richard showcased his adept leadership and strategic acumen during his tenure at Outokumpu Comercio de Metais Ltda. As the Managing Director for South America, he navigated the complexities of the stainless steel industry, driving remarkable growth despite global challenges. His achievements, including a substantial increase in sales turnover and successful management of organizational restructuring, underscore his strategic prowess and resilience in demanding business environments. Richard's journey also led him to Eramet Latin America Ltda, where he took on the role of Regional General Manager South America. In this capacity, he spearheaded the creation of the first South American subsidiary, demonstrating his proficiency in startup management, team leadership, and intricate cross-cultural negotiations. His earlier experiences, from roles as Export Sales Executive at Commentryenne to Product Manager at Erasteel, showcase a rich tapestry of international trade expertise and managerial finesse. Richard's dedication to professional growth is further evidenced by his educational pursuits, including an Executive MBA from ESSEC Business School and completion of the Columbia Coaching Certification Program at Columbia University.

Beyond the corporate arena, Richard Lawrence is more than a professional achiever; he is a mentor who embodies the spirit of inspiring leadership. His empathetic approach, coupled with a strategic mindset, has made him adept at cultivating relationships in diverse cultural landscapes. As a mentor, he brings a wealth of experience, guiding individuals not only in honing their business skills but also in navigating the intricacies of professional development. In the mosaic of his career, Richard Lawrence's story is not merely one of success but a testament to the transformative power of effective communication and strategic leadership. As he continues to empower professionals at PowerTalk Brazil, his legacy resonates as an inspiring narrative of resilience, growth, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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