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▪ Teaching and Facilitation
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▪ Strategic Thinking
▪ Inspirational Leadership
▪ Entrepreneurship
▪ Project Management
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▪ Multidisciplinary Thinking
▪ Executive Mentoring


Paula Marques is a highly accomplished and inspiring professional with a remarkable career spanning over two decades in the fields of innovation, teaching, and business development. With a strong mindset for innovation and a lifelong dedication to learning, Paula has established herself as a leader in her field, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible. As an innovation enthusiast, Paula has honed her expertise in innovation management, leveraging her deep understanding of the principles and practices that drive successful innovative endeavors. Her exceptional problem-solving skills and ability to think outside thebox enable her to identify unique opportunities and develop creative solutions.

At Conquer, Paula's teaching prowess shines through as she serves as a trusted mentor and guide to aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals. Her engaging and interactive teaching style empowers individuals to unleash their full potential by embracing a growth mindset and fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement. In her role as a business developer at Collective Brains, Paula excels in forging meaningful connections and creating mutually beneficial partnerships. Her natural talent for identifying opportunities and understanding the needs of diverse stakeholders allows her to develop innovative programs and training initiatives that address the specific challenges faced by leaders and teams. Beyond her professional roles, Paula is a co-founder of Labweb3 and Baiki, ventures that embody her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making a positive impact. These initiatives exemplify her belief in the power of collaboration, creativity, and technological advancements to drive meaningful change. Paula's insatiable curiosity and commitment to personal growth have earned her a reputation as a lifelong learner. She embraces new ideas and technologies, continuously seeking ways to expand her knowledge and refine her skills. As a Nexialist—a multidisciplinary thinker who connects seemingly unrelated fields—Paula approaches problem-solving from unique angles, resulting in innovative and transformative outcomes. Paula is a true Present Builder, actively shaping a better future with her forward-thinking mindset. She anticipates trends, seizes opportunities, and navigates challenges with flexibility and adaptability, ensuring continued success in an ever-changing landscape.

Above all, Paula's exceptional mentoring abilities set her apart. She possesses the rare talent to motivate and empower individuals, enabling them to unlock their potential and achieve their goals. Paula's passion for executive mentoring is evident, and she takes pride in helping others reach new heights of success. Her guidance and support have proven invaluable to countless professionals and entrepreneurs, helping them overcome obstacles and succeed in their endeavors. Paula Marques is a visionary leader, an exceptional teacher, and a passionate advocate for innovation. Her career journey and accomplishments serve as an inspiration to others, showcasing the transformative power of an innovative mindset. With her remarkable mentoring abilities, Paula continues to shape the future, one person at a time.

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