▪ Instructive Leadership
▪ Strategic Planning
▪ Operations Management
▪ Financial Management
▪ Team Management
▪ Risk Management
▪ Customer Relationship Management
▪ Lean/CPI (Continuous Process Improvement)
▪ Cultural Transformation
▪ Crisis Management
▪ Organizational Skills
▪ Interpersonal Skills Mentorship and Advocacy


Mike Navrkal, a distinguished business executive with a multifaceted career, embodies the essence of exceptional leadership, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to excellence. His journey, which seamlessly weaves through the worlds of corporate leadership and military service, is a testament to his unwavering dedication to creating positive, transformative change. With a profound understanding of interdependent challenges within organizations, Mike has consistently showcased his ability to steer transformation. His portfolio career encompasses a wide range of experiences in operations, strategy, sales, and financial management, in the corporate realm and as a leader in the U.S. Military.

A strategic visionary, Mike is renowned for his capacity to create a culture that values people, performance, and collaboration. He champions the alignment of strategies with actions, using cutting-edge business intelligence to deliver value to customers. This blend of strategic insight and a strong bias for action sets him apart as a leader who not only envisions success but also makes it a reality. Mike’s illustrious career in the U.S. Army National Guard stands as a testament to his commitment to serving and securing the nation. As a Major General and Senior Advisor to the Deputy Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, he played a pivotal role in achieving national security objectives. His leadership extended to diverse areas, including strategic deterrence, space and cyberspace operations, global strike, and more. This dedication culminated in accolades such as the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, and Bronze Star. As Division Commander, a position equivalent to a CEO, he managed a substantial budget and a workforce of 14,000. Mike's ability to outperform expectations, overhaul organizational culture, and drive readiness to new heights earned him the Department of the Army Logistics Excellence recognition. In the corporate world, Mike led the Customer Experience and Operations division of Air Methods Corporation, where he demonstrated his capacity for transforming businesses. Under his leadership, the organization achieved remarkable milestones, including a 32% increase in EBITDA and a 9% rise in revenue. This is a testament to his innate ability to drive change & improve operational cadence. 

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mike's dedication extends to mentorship and advocacy. He consistently engages with team members at all levels to understand their needs and foster a culture of growth and development. His role as a Tri-Chair member in the National Commission on the Future of the Army is a testament to his commitment to guiding future leaders. In a world where exceptional leaders are needed to drive transformation, Mike stands out as a beacon of inspiration. His ability to harmonize military precision with corporate agility, strategic insight, and a strong bias for action is a testament to his exceptional leadership. His commitment to mentorship underscores his dedication to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, and his unwavering service to the nation is a model of dedication and honor.

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