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Michael Haynes is a seasoned Business Mentor, Go-to-Market Strategist, and Start-up Advisor renowned for spearheading transformative growth initiatives in the competitive realm of B2B customer strategy and marketing. With over two decades of industry expertise, Michael has been a driving force behind the success of numerous professional service firms across Australia and Canada.

His journey began as a Strategy Consultant at Accenture, where he honed his skills in industry and market analyses for clients within the Financial Services, Automotive, and Transportation sectors. He later transitioned to Telstra Corporation, assuming the role of Manager, Customer Research and Analysis, leading major research initiatives and implementing comprehensive customer insights programs. His tenure at Commonwealth Bank of Australia saw him excel in roles as a Marketing Manager and Research Analyst, adding depth to his understanding of strategic planning and customer-focused programs. Over the past 12 years, Michael has been the guiding force behind Listen Innovate Grow, a consultancy dedicated to elevating businesses by crafting bespoke go-to-market strategies, customer value analysis, and segmentation tactics. He has contributed significantly to the growth strategies of notable companies such as KraftFoods, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Accenture, bringing a unique perspective to each engagement. Michael's passion for mentoring and educating emerging talents is as profound as his professional achievements. As an Associate Lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney, he not only disseminated knowledge on services marketing but also inspired future industry leaders. His dedication to fostering entrepreneurship led him to advise Startup Canada members and mentor startups at Stone & Chalk, contributing his expertise to nurture the next generation of business leaders.

Beyond his illustrious career, Michael's mentoring abilities shine through his commitment to Empower Mastermind Group, a platform he founded to support CEOs and Managing Directors of service-based SMEs seeking sustainable and profitable growth. His innate ability to impart knowledge and guide individuals through challenges has been a cornerstone of his career, positioning him as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of business growth and mentorship. Michael Haynes, through his transformative vision, wealth of experience, and unwavering dedication to nurturing talent, continues to inspire and empower business leaders to transcend boundaries, redefine success, and achieve unparalleled growth in the ever-evolving landscape of B2B enterprises.

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