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Julie Cocuy is a dynamic and transformative leader, renowned for her unyielding dedication to elevating the customer and employee experience. She possesses a unique talent for igniting high-performance teams on a global scale. With nearly two decades of invaluable experience, Julie is an esteemed partner in change management, program leadership, cultural transformation, and personal and professional development. Her unrelenting commitment to growth and learning recently culminated in the completion of her Doctorate in Business Administration, specializing in Organizational Leadership.

Throughout her illustrious career at Microsoft Corporation, Julie has consistently pushed boundaries and achieved excellence in various leadership roles. She continually delivers exceptional levels of customer satisfaction while surpassing organizational objectives. As the Principal and Director of the Customer Partner Experience Program, she led her team in pioneering initiatives that elevated the global customer experience. Julie's extraordinary ability to harness customer feedback and translate it into actionable improvements reflects her innate grasp of what fuels success in today's ever-evolving IT landscape. In her role as Director of Escalations, Julie crafted a global strategy and vision, guiding her team through high-stakes customer and partner escalations. Her leadership is marked by inclusivity, as evident in her impressive WHI score of 96, fostering a culture where individuals thrive, learn, and innovate. Julie's journey of transformation continued when she assumed the role of Global Commercial Escalations Manager, where she led the charge in streamlining support models, consistently surpassing operational targets, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Her visionary outlook and readiness to embrace change resulted in breakthroughs that have reverberated throughout the organization. Julie's sphere of influence extends across every facet of Microsoft's customer support landscape. As the Americas Field Engagement Manager, she played a pivotal role in equipping teams with the tools and knowledge to excel, nurturing a culture of proactive problem-solving and relentless pursuit of improvement.

One of Julie's most remarkable attributes is her innate ability to inspire and mentor the next generation of professionals. Her mentorship has been instrumental in shaping high-performance teams, and her commitment to continuous growth and learning is exemplified by her recent attainment of a Doctoral degree in organizational leadership. Julie's leadership transcends borders and languages, thanks to her bilingual proficiency in Spanish and English. Her extraordinary journey at Microsoft stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication to customer success and her relentless commitment to nurturing talent. Her enduring legacy continues to inspire and empower teams to reach unprecedented heights. Julie is more than a leader; she is a visionary who has redefined the very essence of excellence in customer success. If you aspire to reach new pinnacles of success and seek a mentor who leads with unwavering dedication and foresight, Julie Cocuy is the guiding light you've been searching for.

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