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John Carroll, a seasoned strategist, author, investor, and private director, embodies a lifelong commitment to empowering leaders and organizations for enduring success. With more than three decades of transformative experience, John is a true luminary in the field of business alignment, process improvement, and transformation. His visionary approach has not only catalyzed unprecedented growth for his clients but has also redefined the landscape of executive coaching and leadership. 

As President of Unlimited Performance, Inc., John guides growth-oriented executives and organizations to unparalleled productivity, profitability, and, most importantly, joy in their pursuits. His ability to navigate the complex terrain of business challenges, coupled with an uncanny knack for uncovering hidden productivity reserves, has earned him international acclaim. Under his tutelage, executives and teams have achieved remarkable results with lasting impact. His influence transcends borders as his thought leadership and dynamic communication style have garnered attention on a global scale. His insights have graced the pages of renowned publications and earned him accolades in Sales and Facilitation Excellence. His books, including "Sales Illustrated: 68 Sales Lessons from Everyday Life" and "The Great Big Book of Goal Setting and Getting," have inspired countless individuals and organizations to reach new heights. Beyond his professional achievements, John is deeply committed to making a profound and lasting difference in his community. His service extends to pivotal roles on various boards, including the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center and the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce, where he has served as president. His founding chairmanship of Camp Rise Above, providing transformative summer camp experiences to children with life-threatening illnesses, showcases his unwavering dedication to creating positive change. A prostate cancer survivor/thriver, John mentors others, helping them find non-traditional therapies based on wisdom he’s gained from his personal healing journey.

One of John's most captivating attributes is his innate ability to mentor and guide leaders through challenging times. He possesses the rare talent of helping those who feel stuck or overwhelmed, empowering them to find the solutions within themselves. His mentorship is not just about unlocking potential; it's about igniting a passion for productivity, profitability, and, above all, the joy of the journey. In a world where leadership is often defined by the ability to adapt, innovate, and inspire, John Carroll stands as an exemplar of excellence. His life's work is a testament to the profound impact one individual can have on organizations and communities when driven by a relentless commitment to growth, transformation, and continuous improvement. John Carroll is more than a leader; he is a beacon of inspiration, guiding others to realize their full potential and embrace their paths to success. 

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