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Jan Ginsberg is a vibrant and accomplished HR executive with a remarkable track record of driving organizational excellence and fostering talent development across diverse industries. With a passion for empowering teams and individuals, Jan's journey is one of strategic vision, impactful change management, and unparalleled leadership. Throughout her illustrious career, Jan has harnessed her expertise in people management to shape the trajectory of global organizations, from small entrepreneurial ventures to multi-billion-dollar corporations. Her intuitive ability to navigate complex challenges and her unwavering commitment to cultivating inclusive, high-performing work environments have consistently set her apart.

As a fractional HR leader, Jan's impact is profound. She has partnered with multi-state small business clients to seamlessly integrate HR policies and practices, skillfully handling benefits administration, compliance, and change management. Her role extends beyond that of a consultant; she is a trusted advisor, guiding organizations through transformational journeys while ensuring every team member's voice is heard and valued. Jan's transformative influence shines particularly bright during her tenure at Inhance Digital Corp. With a creative lens and a strategic mindset, she served as Chief People Officer, revamping the HR function of a digital agency and production house. Her efforts were pivotal in steering the company toward a successful turnaround and potential acquisition, cementing her reputation as a catalyst for positive change. At Teva Pharmaceuticals, as Senior Director, Jan orchestrated a paradigm shift in global procurement, revolutionizing a decentralized structure into an integrated powerhouse. Her strategic prowess led to significant cost savings, exemplifying her ability to envision and execute transformative shifts on a grand scale. Jan's impact has also been felt at Internet Brands, NICE Systems, and Havas Health, where she left an indelible mark by elevating HR functions, championing talent development, and facilitating seamless mergers and acquisitions. Her strategic insights and collaborative leadership have consistently propelled organizations toward their highest potential.

Beyond her impressive career milestones, Jan Ginsberg is also a mentor, guide, and beacon of inspiration. Her certification as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Certified Executive Coach (CEC) reflects her deep commitment to fostering leadership growth and personal development. Jan's unique ability to connect with individuals on a meaningful level and guide them toward their aspirations is a testament to her character and dedication. In a world where leadership is defined by adaptability, empathy, and vision, Jan Ginsberg stands as a paragon of excellence. Her journey is not merely a collection of achievements; it is a testament to the power of strategic thinking, transformative action, and the unwavering belief that every person has the potential to thrive. As an accomplished HR executive, mentor, and catalyst for change, Jan Ginsberg continues to inspire and reshape the landscape of human resources and organizational management.

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