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▪ HeartMath® Certification
▪ Therapeutic Improv
▪ Workshop Facilitation
▪ Stress Reduction Techniques
▪ Resilience Coaching
▪ Neuroscience-Based Approaches
▪ Leadership Development
▪ Empathetic Communication
▪ Team Building
▪ Conflict Resolution
▪ Mentoring and Feedback Facilitation


Jacqueline Delibes, an  accomplished and empathetic coach, possesses a remarkable ability to empower individuals on their journey to emotional well-being, self-discovery, and leadership excellence. With an extensive background in HeartMath® certification, therapeutic improv, and drama therapy, she is a guiding light for those seeking transformation.

As a HeartMath® Certified Coach, Jacqueline offers clients a neuroscience-based pathway to healing and self-improvement. Clients, whether newly promoted therapists or CEOs of small businesses, experience profound transformations in their lives. They gain confidence, reduce anxiety, improve communication, and develop the tools to thrive in their personal and professional spheres. Her creative workshops are a testament to her passion for fostering positive change. Through a blend of stress reduction, improvisation, guided meditation, and role-playing, she facilitates immersive learning environments where individuals and teams break free from isolation and embrace well-being. Her workshops not only boost personal development skills but also nurture psychological safety, creating an atmosphere where participants flourish. In her role as a Resilience and Stress Reduction Coach at, Jacqueline guides clients through life's transitions with unwavering support. Whether it's navigating promotions, coping with grief, or embracing new career paths, she imparts goal-oriented coaching and calming interactive techniques. Clients emerge from her coaching with newfound ease and the confidence to achieve their goals. Jacqueline's career journey is a tapestry of diverse experiences. She has contributed as a news writer, health & wellness content writer, and ghostwriter for positive psychology books. Her multi-faceted background also includes a rich tapestry of freelance work in the arts, writing, and performance realms.

Jacqueline Delibes is not just a coach but also a collaborative mentor who fosters open dialogue and feedback. Her deeply empathetic nature creates an environment where individuals can explore their full potential. Jacqueline's mentoring abilities extend across various sectors, making her equally at home in wellness environments and professional leadership development scenarios. Jacqueline Delibes's career is a testament to the power of combining art, science, and empathy to inspire personal and professional growth. Her innovative approach, creative workshops, and resilience coaching have transformed the lives of many. As a mentor, she continues to shape the leaders of tomorrow, guiding them towards elevated self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and resilience—a true beacon of inspiration in the world of coaching and personal development.

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