▪ Physiognomy
▪ Character Analysis
▪ Personal Communication
▪ Workshop Facilitation
▪ Public Speaking
▪ Leadership
▪ Mentoring and Coaching
▪ Behavioral Skills Optimization
▪ Visual Communication
▪ HR Consulting
▪ Personality Assessment
▪ Public Relations
▪ Cross-disciplinary Expertise
▪ Creative Insight


Evan Fotis, a character analyst and artist, has embarked on a transformative journey, breathing new life into the ancient art of Physiognomy. With origins tracing back to Aristotle, this method involves decoding facial structures and individual features to unravel the intricacies of personality traits and predispositions. Throughout his illustrious career, Evan's mastery of character analysis and personal communication has left an fixed mark across diverse realms. His discerning insights have been sought after by forensic departments, esteemed politicians, distinguished business figures, and renowned corporations including Air France, Nautica, and Pernod-Ricard. His expertise has extended its reach to pivotal institutions like Piraeus Bank and YPO International.

The ripple of Evan's influence is evident in his workshops and seminars, which empower participants to harness the power of effective communication, refine public speaking prowess, and make astute hiring decisions. Evan's impact transcends borders, earning him recognition from media titans like BBC World Service, CNN, and London's Times. His insights have graced the pages of esteemed publications such as The Daily Record, Elle, and National Technical University of Athens. His distinctive analysis has even found its way onto Greek television, where he offers compelling commentary during campaign seasons. However, Evan's contributions extend beyond his analytical prowess. He is the visionary behind True Face, a platform dedicated to optimizing communication and refining behavioral skills. True Face stands as a beacon, offering comprehensive personality assessments for HR departments, leadership programs, and tailored individual coaching. Through engaging workshops, participants are equipped with the art of effective personal communication and impactful public speaking. Evan's innovation knows no bounds, encompassing visual communication services that enhance presentations through video production and customized visuals. Co-founding Face your Strengths®, Evan has trailblazed a unique methodology. Seamlessly integrating Morpho-psychology and Positive psychology, he unveils individuals' latent potential, fostering strategies that are uniquely tailored to leverage their inherent strengths.

Evan Fotis stands as an inspirational torchbearer in the realm of character analysis and communication enhancement. Beyond his professional accomplishments, his mentoring abilities shine brightly. With unwavering dedication, Evan empowers individuals to discover their own unique strengths, harness their potential, and navigate their paths to success with confidence and purpose. His commitment to mentoring exemplifies his enduring legacy of transformation and growth.

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