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With a passion for crafting seamless customer experiences that transcend boundaries, Emma Reeve stands as a beacon of marketing innovation. Her journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of impact, fueled by a commitment to inspiring change through creativity and service. A dynamic marketer, Emma has consistently reimagined brand narratives, unified customer engagement, and amplified brand loyalty.

As the Vice President of Global Advertising at SAP in Portland, Oregon, Emma orchestrated a symphony of strategies that brought global, regional, solution, and industry teams into harmony. Her focus on brand recognition and messaging consistency breathed life into product solutions, sales enablement, and dynamic customer experiences. Under her guidance, SAP's brand flourished, echoing themes of sustainability, purpose-driven initiatives, and excellence.With an unwavering focus on audience analysis and digital experience campaigns, Emma creates bridges between brand awareness and business impact. Her customized advertising and go-to-market approaches bridge the gap between brand narratives and audience needs, reshaping marketing landscapes. In the realm of customer partnerships, Emma architects NPS and product launch strategies that reshape solutions' trajectories. Her thought leadership engagements transcend traditional bounds, infusing customer stories with strategic and functional significance. Through enablement structures, she champions the art of customer storytelling, creating an ecosystem of adoption and expansion. Emma's journey as Vice President of Global Marketing, spanning New York, NY, and Portland, Oregon, showcased her prowess in unifying product, content, and digital engagement strategies. Her leverage of customer relationships shaped not only brand co-marketing but also user experiences and market penetration. Emma's expertise touched every corner of SAP, forging high-impact revenue streams. An architect of digital strategy, Emma spearheaded's transformation into a hub of unified customer experiences. 

Emma Reeve's expertise is elevated by her commitment to mentoring and coaching. Her solution-focused coaching enriches rising leaders and mid-career professionals, nurturing their journey of combining passions, skills, and aspirations. Her impact extends beyond marketing, enriching leadership growth moments. Emma Reeve's career is a testament to innovation, resilience, and transformative leadership. With a fervor for crafting impactful narratives, unifying experiences, and igniting brand loyalty, she continues to inspire change and shape the marketing landscape with a service-oriented mindset.

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