▪ Executive Leadership Coaching
▪ Cross-Cultural Consulting
▪ Conscious Facilitation
▪ Intuitive Coaching Style
▪ Relationship Management
▪ Strategic Performance Coaching
▪ Conscious Leadership Development
▪ Training and Workshop Design
▪ Emotional Intelligence
▪ Personal Growth Facilitation
▪ Team Development and Empowerment
▪ Executive Mentoring


Prepare to be inspired by the extraordinary career of Aska Naito (PCC, ELI-MP) who is a true force in the world of executive leadership and life coaching, cross-cultural consulting, and facilitation. With over 20 years of empowering professionals to reach new heights, Aska's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and passion. With her ability to bridge worlds, she effortlessly transcends cultural barriers and fosters an environment of inclusivity and growth for clients worldwide.

Her portfolio showcases a remarkable roster of clients across North America, Europe, and Asia, from leaders of prestigious corporations to emerging enterprises and entrepreneurs. Armed with the PCC accreditation from ICF, Aska embodies the essence of conscious leadership, guiding individuals and organizations toward their highest potential through carefully crafting training, workshops, and sessions. As a result, executives, emerging leaders, and teams to step into a more purpose-driven success.  As a Certified Lead Trainer and Mentor Coach at the prestigious Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), she imparts wisdom and knowledge not only in the classroom of the next generation of coaches, but also continues to challenge herself to stretch and grow into her expertise around consciousness, connection, and self-awareness. 

In her private coaching practice, she inspires leaders to lead from within, unlocking their highest potential and performance with laser-focused dynamic and bold coaching. All while creating and holding a safe space for those who are inspired to step into their bravery to have transformative conversations to foster positive change. 

As an accomplished mentor, Aska possesses a unique talent for guiding professionals toward authentic leadership, empowering them to step into their greatness and forge meaningful connections that elevate their impact. Embark on this transformative journey with Aska Naito and witness the profound impact she brings to your life, both personally and professionally.

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