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Alex Roth stands at the crossroads of innovation and HR leadership, weaving together her creative spirit, international insights, and profound expertise to drive transformative change in the corporate world. With a distinguished career spanning continents and industries, Alex has emerged as a driving force behind organizational evolution and individual empowerment. 

A Chemical Engineer by training, Alex's journey took an exciting turn as she ventured into the realm of Human Resources, igniting a passion for leadership development and change management. Two master's degrees, each meticulously honed in the art of HR and change, have endowed her with a holistic perspective that blends pragmatism with innovative verve. Alex's ascent through the ranks of HR has been marked by a string of impactful roles. As the Global Director of People & Culture and Portugal Country Manager at NMQ Digital, she orchestrates harmonious HR strategies across international geographies. Alex's innate ability to forge candid relationships with clients fuels open dialogues and cultivates an environment ripe for innovation. In her independent coaching venture, Alex aspires to support individuals toward realizing their full potential. Her coaching ethos, deeply rooted in leadership, development, and change, has propelled countless individuals to surmount challenges, discover their true north, and embrace transformation. A passionate believer in Human Resources and leadership development, Alex's impact transcends borders. Her profound imprint as the Latin America Head of HR at MUFG Bank and Brazil Head of HR at UBS is etched in transformative culture change and agile crisis management. Her roles as a Regional HR BP at HSBC and CITI further underscore her versatile skill set, adeptly straddling diverse functions and regions. 

Beyond her career, Alex's commitment to nurturing talent is a cornerstone of her legacy. A trailblazer in mentoring, her association with Collective Brains shows her commitment to nurturing emerging talent. She imparts her wealth of knowledge to guide aspiring leaders on their transformative journeys and is not afraid of showing vulnerability. Drawing upon her diverse experience, Alex crafts an atmosphere of mentorship that instills confidence, fuels innovation, and sets individuals on a path toward leadership excellence. Her unwavering dedication to fostering talent, championing cultural understanding, and spearheading transformative evolution serves as a vivid illustration of what is possible when passion, acumen, and humanity converge. Alex Roth's journey is not merely a sequence of career milestones; it's a testament to the extraordinary potential within each of us to inspire and enact meaningful change.

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