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▪ Innovation Leadership
▪ Business Transformation
▪ Change Management
▪ Consumer Goods Expertise
▪ Retail Strategy
▪ Cross-Border Collaboration
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▪ Brand Development
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▪ Entrepreneur Empowerment
▪ Leadership Development
▪ Mentorship and Coaching


Adriana Muratore is a seasoned executive and visionary leader who has left an lasting mark on the corporate landscape through her extensive expertise and unyielding commitment to excellence. With a career spanning several decades, Adriana has consistently demonstrated an innate ability to steer businesses to new heights, drive strategic transformation, and champion cultural change. Her resolute focus on innovation, coupled with her strategic acumen, has not only propelled businesses to success but has also contributed to the empowerment of future leaders. Throughout her illustrious career, Adriana has left a mark as a strategist, innovator, and mentor. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to fostering the growth of future leaders make her an inspiration in the corporate world. 

Adriana's journey as a leader has been defined by her unwavering dedication to strategic thinking and transformation. Her role as a Partner and Leader of the Consumer Goods and Retail Business Unit at ACTAVOX CONSULTING exemplifies her prowess in steering companies towards innovation and growth. Beyond her exceptional business acumen, Adriana is a trailblazer in promoting diversity and governance within corporate boardrooms. As the Director of the Diversity on Boards Program, she has contributed to the elevation of women in leadership roles, facilitating over 200 professionals'  journey into board memberships. Adriana's impact extends far beyond her corporate achievements. Adriana's role as a Partner and Leader of the Consumer Goods and Retail Unit at GLOBAL BDP showcases her unique ability to bridge international innovation with local markets. By identifying groundbreaking solutions from Israeli start-ups and aligning them with Brazilian businesses, she has fostered cross-border collaboration that drives sustainable growth and market disruption. Adriana's influence is deeply rooted in her contributions to the retail sector. Her experience as CMO and SVP at Walmart Brazil, where she managed revenue of R$25 billion, showcased her mastery in category management, pricing, and holistic brand development. As a Mentor at MENTORFLIX, she has dedicated herself to nurturing the next generation of leaders by imparting socio-emotional skills through personalized mentoring sessions. Furthermore, her role at ENDEAVOR as a Scale Ups Mentor underscores her commitment to empowering entrepreneurs, enhancing their capabilities, and fostering impactful scale-ups.

As a mentor, Adriana epitomizes the values of guidance, growth, and transformation. Her ability to inspire and guide emerging talents underscores her commitment to not only business growth but also the growth of individuals on a personal and professional level. Her unwavering commitment to developing socio-emotional skills in emerging leaders reflects her belief in the power of mentorship to shape not only successful careers but also well-rounded individuals. Through her personalized mentoring sessions, she continues to inspire, guide, and empower the leaders of tomorrow, leaving an enduring legacy of mentorship excellence. 

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