▪ Inspirational Leadership
▪ Strategic Vision
▪ People Development
▪ Digital Business Transformation
▪ Customer-Centric Approach
▪ ESG Strategies
▪ Sustainability Advocacy
▪ Corporate Governance Expertise
▪ P&L Management
▪ Branding and Marketing Expertise
▪ Executive Coaching and Mentorship


Meet Adriana Gomes, a visionary leader and catalyst for transformation in the corporate world. With a career spanning over two decades, Adriana has left an indelible mark on multinational companies across Brazil, Latin America, the US, and Europe. Her unwavering commitment to driving progress and change for organizations, along with her focus on developing people and preparing future leaders, sets her apart as an inspiring force. As a C-Level executive with extensive experience in P&L management, digital business transformation, and customer-centricity, her strategic insights have propelled organizations to new heights. 

A true pioneer in the realm of ESG strategies, Adriana has spent more than a decade championing high-impact initiatives across diverse sectors. Her commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices has resonated deeply with stakeholders, establishing her as a trusted advisor on the global stage. Adriana's trailblazing career showcases her exceptional leadership style, characterized by inspiration and fostering growth. Having held key leadership roles in renowned companies like BV Bank, Uber, Nokia and Latam Airlines, Adriana's expertise transcends industries, making her an invaluable asset to any organization seeking transformation and sustainable growth. Her professional journey, accompanied by degrees in Executive Coaching, Corporate Governance, and an MBA from the prestigious Wharton & Insead Business Schools, showcases her commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement. Beyond her impressive career, Adriana's involvement in various social engagements further illustrates her dedication to making a positive impact. As a sponsor of Black and Women Employee Resource Groups, she has demonstrated her advocacy for diversity and inclusion, fostering an environment where every individual's voice is heard and valued. Adriana's passion for effecting change and driving progress has extended to the boardroom, where she has successfully led various organizations as the President of the Board of Trustees for Instituto Votorantim, among others. Her guidance and expertise have proven to be invaluable assets in shaping the future of these institutions. 

Aspiring leaders can find inspiration in Adriana’s story, recognizing that combining business acumen with compassion and a focus on sustainability can drive real change in the world. Adriana's mentoring abilities extend far beyond the corporate landscape; she is a guiding light for those seeking to create meaningful change, fostering future leaders who will shape a better world. Her career serves as a testament to the potential within each of us to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy, not just in business but in the lives of countless individuals touched by her leadership and compassion.

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